Double Large Rabbit Hutches

When buying a hutch for your rabbit if it's a new little fury friend or you have had it for a while you want to make sure that you have a quality hutch for him to live in. This quality home is where your rabbit will spend the majority of his time so you need to make sure you have a nice large hutch for the fella to enjoy his days and feel comfortable in his surroundings.

Quality for your pet

The range we have start at nice comforting small single hutches all the way up to larger ones which are double in size to give your pet much more space. They are all great UK made products which will last you a long time.

If it’s an extra-large house for your pet you are after then you have come to the right place we have a good selection of quality hand build wooden hutches, we take pride in our work and this shows in the products that we provide.

A hugely spacious home with our hutch and runs, they provide a great deal of space for your small animal to be happy and appreciate the full levels. They are extremely firm and build from our quality wood. All the hutches have been constructed to a high standard, some of them feature multi-room and multi-level designs for added room to give your animal space to exercise.