Wooden Dog Kennels

All animals need their space. Dogs are especially partial to having a place where they can relax and get some shade. If you want to give your pup somewhere that is just perfect for them, you ought to consider getting an outdoor kennel for them.

Oxford Large Wooden Dog Kennel

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Bodmin Medium Wooden Dog Kennel

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If your pet spends most of their time outside, they need some shade from the sun. They need somewhere they can feel safe. As you know, dogs are loyal and friendly animals, but sometimes they have to be alone as well.

Which Kennel?

If you choose the right kennel for your pet, they will feel comfortable and happy in your garden. So, what should you look for in your kennel? Well, with such an array on the market, it can be tricky to choose the best one for you. Luckily, here at Animal Hutch, we have a broad variety of sturdy wooden kennels, which would be ideal for your dog. When choosing a kennel for your pet, you need to consider how much space you have in your garden. Of course, the type of kennel you get will depend on both how much room you have and what type of dog you have.

Spacious Kennels

Remember, your dog needs space, and so you need to ensure that they have it. If the kennel is not large enough for your animal, you will find that they never use it. The kennel should be proportionate to your animal - giving them enough room to feel comfortable and cosy. You should make sure that you choose a structure that suits your animal and allows them the space they need to settle down. We have a broad variety of sizes that might suit your animal, and so it is worth looking at the dimensions of each kennel before you buy one.

Good night sleep

If you plan on letting your dog sleep in the kennel, you need to make sure that it has proper insulation. In the winter months, dogs can feel the cold greatly, and so they need a space that is warm enough for them. Most modern kennels have thick material, which provides the perfect environment for any animal. The comfort and welfare of your pup should always be your top priority. After all, if you are not doing the best thing for them, you are failing in your duty of care. When you start to look at the variety of kennels, you should make sure that you keep this point in mind.

Before you start your search, it is crucial that you know just what you want. You should check how much room you have in your garden and decide on a vague size guide for the kennel you want. That way, you will find it simple to find a structure that is ideal for your home. Our experts use only the finest wood to construct strong and durable kennels. Each structure has a traditional style, which suits any garden. Browse our broad array of classic structures now and see what you can find. We are sure you will find one that suits your garden space.

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